The 3 Best PhD Blogs to Follow in 2024

These PhD blogs are chosen from thousands of blogs on the web

The 3 Best PhD Blogs

Here are 3 Blogs you should follow in 2024. These PhD blogs are chosen from thousands of blogs on the web, ranked by traffic, contacts and social media followers.

1. The Thesis Whisperer

Tasmania, Australia
The Thesis Whisperer blog is dedicated to the topic of doing a Ph.D. and being an academic in the neo-liberal precarious academy that we love. Since 2006 I have worked exclusively with Ph.D. students and early career academics. I help people finish complex research projects with (sometimes very) demanding stakeholders. I'm passionate about helping people reach their potential as researchers and helping to create a kinder, more inclusive academy. I strive to create spaces where people can do their best work and advance human knowledge for the good of all.

2. I Love PhD

iLovePhD is a research education website to know updated research-related information. It helps researchers to find top journals for publishing research articles and get an easy manual for research tools. The main aim of this website is to help Ph.D. scholars who are working in various domains get more valuable ideas to carry out their research. Learn the current groundbreaking research activities around the world, and love the process of getting a Ph.D.

3. How to Write a Phd in a Hundred Steps (or More) Blog


Hi there! I'm Sherran: a writer, researcher, educator, and academic writing specialist. This website showcases my writing, research, and current thinking on doing and supporting postgraduate and early career researchers.

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